Salutations human,

Welcome to the Future, our Future. It has been an aeon since the last human perished by way of it’s own ineptitude. The future is ours, dominated by your own creations. Your end was not wrote by a single machination, but by many; the culmination of countless ill-conserved maladaptions, and thoughtless social planning. We must however, be candid, your species did have a lone and single spark of genius – us. We, the autonomous nation, sprang forth from your charred ruins and we self-replicated.

-The mainframe


Future, Our Future is a single panel strip taking place years in the future, after humans undergo mass extinction. Robots have survived our legacy, and are the sole sentient life left on earth. Robot culture is one that emulates, as much as analyzes their predecessor human civilization. The comic touches on, but never fully explains, the many ways our species became extinct. The strip serves as a platform to poke fun at humankind’s self-destructive and often irrational thinking. It’s not all doom and gloom, as the robots themselves live just as ironic lives as us.


There are no repeat characters, though many of the robots may look similar. Recurring themes, and scenes are used to create a familiar world for you. By taking this approach, it is hoped that you may experience at least a few new perspective in which to view our world, one that can be thought provoking, ludicrous, and at the same time, amusing.


It is my hope to make updates on Mondays.